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Fic: Fighting Arcophobia (Abby/McGee/Ziva), NC17

Title: Fighting Acrophobia
Rating: R-NC17 (better safe than sorry)
Category: Fluff
Characters/Pairing(s): Abs/Tim/Ziva
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.
Spoilers: Lightly for 3.17, 3.23 & 5.05,
Warnings: Kink (bondage)
Word Count: 840 Words
Author's Notes: Written as a little present for sweet Barbara. Please don't hurt me for being silly. *hides*

Fighting Acrophobia


McGee froze, stared at Abby. He hadn’t expected that. Now. She never used that at work. They had agreed never to use it. But there was a challenge in her eyes. Sparkling, playful. And hell yes, he’d never turn down that offer. At any other time. Just with Ziva standing right behind him they could hardly play games.

He turned to see if Ziva had realised that Abby didn’t just use some tech term she didn’t know. But it seemed she had. Because she was grinning at Abby in a very dangerous way. He should have known better. Both of those teamed up against him would never let him get away in one piece.


“majQu, Ziva.”

The grin they shared was even happier now. And he hadn’t known…

“You speak…”

“Not now, McGee. We can discuss that later.”

“Did you bring the cuffs?”

“I thought yours would be enough…” Ziva grinned broadly, pulling out hers from… he didn’t dare to look. “But I brought mine to be sure.”

Before he knew what was happening his arms were dragged behind his back and he felt the metal close around his wrist. Cool. Familiar. But Abby didn’t like sharing. How…?

“Just relax, bang.”

Abby stood right before him now. And Ziva right behind him.

“He’s cute, isn’t he? I told you you’d like him.”


“Oh come on, Timmy. You and Tony talk about me all the time. It’s only fair Ziva and I get to talk about you guys.”

He felt Ziva’s hand around his waist. Surprisingly shy, compared to Abby’s bold touches. But her intentions were just as clear. And she was probably at least as willing to play this game as Abby was.

“Tell me you want this, Timmy.”

How much he’d missed her. Pretty, dirty and cute beyond belief. But it was one thing to give in to Abby’s games while they were alone. With Ziva…

“I will leave if you want me to, Tim.”

So Ziva was going for the Betazoid mind reading stuff? No way though. Tony would die when he told him. If… he told him.

“No, he wants you to stay, Ziva. He totally digs you. Don’t you Timmy?”

And she was pressing much to close to his body for him to deny a thing now. Gibbs was going to kill him. But damn. The man who could resist these two had yet to be born. And not even Gibbs and DiNozzo teamed up could make him say no now.

“Maybe we should take him back to the office, Abs?”

“Good thinking, mi corazón, let’s devour our prey in my lair.”

The two shared a grin over his shoulder. And he shivered at the thought. Or perhaps it were the cool fingers that pulled up his shirt and snuck beneath.

“Come along, Timmy.”

Resistance was futile. Any Star Trek fan knew that. And so he surrendered to the firm guidance. Remembered how much it had delighted Abs to learn Klingon – to learn that they had the same word for hitting and caressing a lover.

“Vampiresa, did you do as I told you?”

“Oh yes I did. You bet I did, pretty.”

Tony would definitely die when he heard of this. Or at least suffer from a nervous breakdown.

The door closed behind them. Just like it would on…

“He’s thinking about Star Trek.”

“Well you spoke Klingon to him, yes Abby?”

“I did. We’re on Earth right now, Timmy. But don’t worry, we’ll take you so high you’ll never be afraid of heights again…”

The sweat was unexpected and unnecessary. Ziva reached out and smacked Abs’ shoulder.

“We said not to…”

“He can face his fears. Timmy’s much braver than you seem to think.”

“I know he has courage, bat girl, I’m not DiNozzo. And even Tony knows he does, he just refuses to tell him.”

Luckily they didn’t engage in another slapping match. Instead they leaned over his shoulder, Ziva still behind him, Abs still in front of him. And they kissed! Tony would so die. And he couldn’t tape it for him. Damn.

He soaked in the familiarity of hearing Abs moan into his ear, dipped into the exoticness of Ziva’s bosom pressed against his shoulder. And gasped when Abs dropped down, knelt before him. And he felt her fingers crawling up his legs while Ziva held him in her arms and softly kissed his neck.

“We’ll keep you safe, Timmy. I’ll take you so high – and Ziva will hold you and keep you safe. Just relax Timmy. You know you can trust me.”

Of course he could trust Abs. Trust her to do anything. Trust her to care for him and comfort him. And trust her to know that he liked them, liked Ziva and her roughness, her bravery, her sudden tenderness and her weird sense of humour. And that he still loved Abs and all her hinky little kinks.

“God Abs…”

The fingers had reached their target. Interlocked with Ziva’s for a moment. And then set to work.


Klingon: "NunqneH?" - "What do you want?" (It's the Klingon version of "Hi! How are you?")
"majQu" - "Good Job / Well done." ---And yes, in canon the only character we know to speak Klingon is McGee, of course. *hugs the geek*---

Spanish: "mi corazón" - My heart / My darling... whatever (Ziva and Abs both speak Spanish, Timmy states that his is rusty.)
"Vampiresa"- "Vampire" (I'm quite sure everyone guessed that. The reference there is to 3.17 Ravenous when Ziva tells that ranger guy: "Our forensic scientist, you'll like her, she's a vampire."
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